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Mila Trend

Mila Trend is a practical and elegant product with its patented cyclonic filter that helps to keep the dust in the tank in a very efficient way. Patented one-touch tank lock mechanism allows the user to lock, unlock, and empty the tank using only one hand. Mila Trend stands out with its 2,5 lt dust capacity and low noise. Fluidized lines blended with hot foiled parts give Mila a distinguished high-end look.

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This is a polyhedron refrigerator, it has red wine storage, ice making, keep fresh triad function. It combines wine cabinet and refrigerator two big modules. And its characteristic is can adjust toward according to indoor layout, and through the combination of magnetic adsorption. This is different from existing embedded in decorating the refrigerator of fixed mode. In addition, with modular combination refrigerator can be customized according to user's demand and choice.

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Millo One

With a design that’s remained unchanged since 1922, the blender was in need of a re-think. That’s where Millo comes in. Combining the best in tech with sleek design, it is the blender for people who care about their health and care about design. Powered by a patented Magnetic Air Drive, it’s super quiet and safe. Meanwhile, its minimalist look is inspired by the natural forms that characterize Scandinavian design. This emphasis on timeless form is reflected in the materials used, which have been chosen for their sustainability: anodised aluminum and BPA-free Tritan plastic.

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Floor One

Tineco Floor One is a wet/dry floor washer and vacuum with smart modules, which automatically detects how dirty/gritty the floor is and applies the appropriate amount of detergent, roller pressure, and suction power, to ensure the perfect hard floor clean every time. With its advanced roller design that captures excess water and dirt, Floor One roller surface is always clean and leaves the floor streak free. Tineco Floor One offers a new level of clean for all hard floor surfaces.

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Grundig Serenity

Serenity is a contemporary tea maker that focuses on joyful user-experience. The project mostly focuses on aesthetic elements and user experience as the main aim suggests product to be different from the existing products. The dock of the tea maker is smaller than the body which allows product to look over the ground that brings unique identity. Slightly curved body combined with sliced surfaces also supports the unique identity of the product.

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This vacuum cleaner is carefully designed by reframing it as a tool which gives colours to people's daily lives, rather than as a household appliance evaluated by the specifications. Therefore it doesn't have even a powered-brush on the nozzle. Although it is simple and sturdy like commercial equipment, blended in with the household where it is used. Its modest, unobtrusive appearance assumes that it will be placed in a living space. Since it is extremely light (1.25kg) and has good weight balance, it is easy to handle and the user does not tire when using it.

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