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When users put their food into the refrigerator, the intelligent control system of this refrigerator can identify people's identity and record these information. Through the micro-projector which insert on the clapboard, the information such as the owner of the food and the date of the food had been put in will project as a light label on to the food. People can clearly see freshness and the time of storage of the food, to avoid the food being forgot in the refrigerator and exceed the expiry date.

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Air touch

The Air touch users are young white-collars, who wish to use a simple interface and touch sensitive buttons for smooth operation. The operation panel lights serve as a decorative element but also display the current air quality. The design was created to be extremely simple and easy to use while simultaneously meeting functional and technical requirements.

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All buttons designed on Terra give the impression of pedals so that the user can immediately perceive that they can be pressed by foot. The hubcaps placed on the wheels, power control lights, dust bag indicator, hepa filter full indicator details placed on the control panel contributes to its aesthetic appearance and gives a more dynamic outlook to Terra.

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Netatmo Welcome

Welcome’s design is elegant and non-intrusive, unlike traditional home security cameras. Welcome’s sophisticated technology is hidden in a slim cylinder-shaped aluminum body. Welcome is buttonfree, therefore all interaction happens in the companion App. A fine black plastic piece blends with the camera’s lense and covers elegantly the infrared LED and microphone. The pure shape and the warm gold tone make Welcome harmonious. Welcome highly respects the user’s privacy which is also reflected in its design: Welcome blends into each home interior, it blends into the user’s life.

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Tria is an upright vacuum cleaner which can be transformed into a handheld cleaner in seconds. The tube can be adjusted to the desired height to be used as an upright vacuum cleaner. The triangular nozzle can be taken out and Tria acts as a hand-held vacuum cleaner.With the help of its telescopic tube that can be inserted into the body-frame and foldable handle, it can be transformed into a compact form and be stored easily.

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K3290 IN Tea Maker

Arçelik offers users the pleasure of conventional brewing by combining the quality of inox material with modern design. The visual integrity provided by minimalist inox body and the handle with water level indicator is reinforced with the location and form of the keys. Boil and keep warm functions can also be followed easily with the LED lights on the handle. Keep warm function allows you to keep the water at high temperatures by consuming little amount of energy.

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