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Lavazza Classy Plus

Classy Plus is an all in one espresso and coffee brewer designed for the North American market, offering the complete experience of Italian coffee culture from espresso to cappuccino or latte. In addition, the machine also has a filter coffee selection and a double shot function to cater for specific preferences of this market. Classy Plus is Ideal for small offices and conference rooms. Its slim design is building on Lavazza's established form language in this segment. It is characterised by a contrasting exterior shell enveloping the main body and embossed Lavazza logos on the sides.

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Tokit Omni Cook

Tokit Omni Cook is a multi-functional kitchen robot, which can perform many different cooking functions and techniques. It can replace up to 21 traditional kitchen appliances in one digitally powered countertop equipment. It equips with powerful induction heating system which brings the cooking temp up to 180 degrees. A heat resistance shell outside its stainless-steel bowl protects you from accidental scald. Ergonomically designed handle provides comfort for different gripping angles.

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This cooking robot includes 4 modules which are raw materials weighting and automatic dispensing, cooking module and an integrated ventilator. At least 8 liquid and 5 powdered seasonings can be programmed for self-pumping, enabling possible all major cooking styles in the robot such as stir-frying and stewing. Customers can freely choose their favorite at any time. What is more, given compact design, more than 1 cooking robot can be placed inside a traditional commercial kitchen, which means all family meal could be produced by only one person at the same time.

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HandiShred is a portable manual paper shredder requires no external power source. It is small and compact so you can simply store it inside a drawer for easy access. This device works great to shred any documents or receipts to ensure that the client, private, confidential and any personal information is kept secure at all times.

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A unique automatic espresso machine for the „scootertarians“ (scooter fans) and not only. Vespeo has the mission to bring an yet missing experience in the iconic Vespa scooter lifestyle. The design challenge was to interpret the essence of the Vespa lifestyle into the design language of an espresso machine. This distinct design language had to reflect tradition, modernity and italian flair, defined by technical yet emotional surfaces

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Arnica Bora

Bora is an authentic product, bringing innovations to the water filtered vacuum cleaner market with its functionality and design, with its patented water filtering system, double suction feature that contains the dust in the water, a washable Hepa filter that never lets the dust outside, visual design integrity with matching parts, environmental awareness with recyclable parts, and vacuum lock no other water filtered vacuum cleaner in the market includes. It provides an excellent and practical cleaning; therefore, the customers can keep their time for themselves.

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